BILL PAXTON, 1955-2017

There are few film fans of my generation who didn’t love Bill Paxton. With his easy going, everyman charm, that Texan drawl that sounded as though he belonged in a Wyatt Earp adventure and the kind of wonderful, colourful characters that most other performers can only dream of, which populated his work onscreen, Paxton was […]


Dylan Thomas once wrote that ‘you cannot conquer time.’ In the case of Danny Boyle’s T2 TRAINSPOTTING, this is nothing if not prophetic advice, as we are thrown, headfirst, back into the lives of Renton, Spud, Sick Boy and Begbie, 20 years since a ‘minor betrayal’ sent Renton grinning towards an uncertain future. TRAINSPOTTING was […]


Firstly, I should probably throw up a disclaimer. I know very little about the world of drag. In fact, my only real exposure to it, other than re-watching PRISCILLA QUEEN OF THE DESERT, was courtesy of my girlfriend, who did a Frank Sinatra drag burlesque routine a few years back. But I come to the […]


The following list contains personal selections, for we all experience cinema from a deeply personal place. To discuss the year as a whole, 2016 comes across as a mixed bag of epic studio pictures, intimate independent films and those pictures that stick somewhere in between. My list is just as mixed. There are many other […]


Lets get this out of the way right now. GHOSTBUSTERS 2016 is not the second coming of Gozer, as many, many people suspected. Its not even close. If we were to assume that the internet was the be all and end all of what is and is not good or bad, then you would be forgiven […]


CLIVE Clive had spent all morning in the house and yet it wasn’t until he had looked through every cupboard, smashing two glasses in the process and disturbing the dog, who, until this point, had been sleeping quietly in the corner, finally found the keys to the BMW parked outside, left the house, door wide […]


TRYING TO SUCCEED WHEN YOURE NOT VERY GOOD So, I’ve tried to write this poem its my twelfth attempt at this and though I’m capable of rhyme results are hit and miss. Constructing lines of verse and prose has never been my forte I sit for hours, pen in hand, but nothings coming to me. […]